Terms and conditions

Trading terms for HYGGE Strand Camping TERMS AND CONDITIONS In the following you will find useful information in connection with the use of online booking. You can e.g. read about how we process your entered information, how you receive your receipt in connection with a purchase and much more. When PROVIDER is written below, it is used as a synonym for HYGGE Strand Camping. PAYMENT All prices stated in the PROVIDER's online booking system, like everywhere else on the website, are stated in Danish kroner including VAT and all taxes unless otherwise stated and clearly stated in the relevant situation. Payment takes place by using one of the approved payment cards/credit cards in online booking, which are Visa and Mastercard or with MobilPay. There is no fee imposed on trading that takes place through online booking. INFORMATION ABOUT TRADING ON THE INTERNET You can safely shop on the internet through our online booking system. As a consumer, you are basically protected against any misuse of your credit card on the internet, therefore there is no deductible for misuse of your payment card via the internet. You can read more about how you, as a consumer, should deal with online payments on the following websites: www.betaling.dk, www.fdih.dk. RIGHT OF CANCELLATION AND REFUNDS You have the option of choosing BASIC, FLEX or PREMIUM. The choice must be made at the time of booking and it will not be possible to switch to another service after the first payment. changing a booking means cancellation, change of accommodation type or the dates of your stay. You are of course always welcome to change the number of people or additional purchases without incurring an administration fee. We would like to point out that if one of the above is not selected, Basis will be the one selected. CONDITIONS FOR CHANGE OF STAY 1. With Basis, you do not have the option of rebooking, canceling or getting a refund for your booking if you are prevented. 2. With flex, you can rebook and cancel up to 30 days before arrival. However, we point out that there is an administration fee of DKK 100 per change, per booking. 3. With Premium, you can rebook and cancel completely until 12.00 2 days before arrival. However, we would like to point out that there is an administration fee of DKK 100 per change, per booking. RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL We point out that your booking is not covered by the Consumer Contracts Act's rules on the right of cancellation. The sale of overnight accommodation (cottages, holiday homes, camping etc.) is covered by a special exception provision in the Consumer Contracts Act prgf 18 subsection 2 no. 12. The booking made is thus not covered by the 14-day right of cancellation. The contract is sent via e-mail within 24 hours from the time of booking. Please check that you have entered the correct email address. Delivery of the ordered product takes place upon arrival at the PROVIDER on the day of arrival (and is completed upon departure on the day of departure). Both of these times are stated in the above lease. REGISTRATION OF INFORMATION PROVIDER registers your name, address, e-mail and other information provided in connection with the purchase in its customer register. The information is not passed on, but the PROVIDER keeps the registration for 5 years. PROVIDER uses server-side cookies and a secure connection to ensure the security of the information you provide on the page. When paying by credit card, the registration takes place via a secure server, where the information is encrypted before being sent over the internet. COMPLAINT PROCESSING If for some reason you do not receive your contract, which confirms your purchase, and you have not received an error message from the system, you can write to the address or phone number below. Complaints about the booking process, the booking itself or the product (the stay) must be made within a reasonable time after you have discovered the error, or should have discovered the error during a general review of your contract. You can complain in writing or orally. One year after receipt of the goods (stay), the right to complain ceases in accordance with section 83, subsection of the Purchase Act. 1, unless otherwise agreed. When the PROVIDER receives your complaint about an item, the complaint is processed as soon as possible. The PROVIDER will decide whether the item received should be refunded, exchanged or whether a price reduction should be given. COMPANY INFORMATION: Hygge Strand Camping Toldvejen 50 8300 Odder Phone: +45 8844 8383 Email: info@hyggestrandcamping.dk Cvr.: 40373667